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Owner /Operator Information

Looking for drivers who desire respect, understand hard work, & take pride in themselves and their equipment. Respect given is respect earned. Driver references are available. Call us and ask us anything you want. We do not feed you BS.

As an Owner-Operator for RNC Logistics LLC, you are encouraged to communicate your preferences for loads. RNC Logistics LLC will try to satisfy your preferences within reasonable limits

We offer a 2% discount if you self-dispatch. We will provide access to all available loads

You receive 88% or 90% if self-dispatched of the all-in rate confirmation

The Owner-Operator will receive the actual Rate confirmation for every load

Payment is made by direct deposit every Friday. The week is Saturday to Friday with any load delivered by noon on Friday included in the current week’s payout. Most drivers have their pay by Monday

RNC believes in full transparency we don’t hide or overcharge you for anything, No escrow or any other hidden fees

RNC will be your back office to keep your truck moving as efficiently as possible. The end goal is to maximize your earnings while giving you choice and quality of life

RNC offers a Power-Only program which is 75% drop and hooks thus saving you time and money

RNC Logistics LLC seeks to maximize your revenue and time

Run only when and where you want to go. No forced dispatch.

We welcome solid and safe older tractors

We can provide plates at cost to you we will deduct the plate fees in weekly payments if you would like

RNC Logistics LLC has a broad customer base and a shrewd negotiator to get you the highest possible rates

RNC Logistics LLC provides credit checks on all brokers to ensure payment

RNC Logistics LLC manages all communications between the Owner-Operator and customers

Any changes or updates to loads are immediately shared with the Owner-Operator

RNC Logistics LLC completes all the paperwork, including broker set up packages, rate confirmations, certificate of insurance, and invoicing to Factoring Company

RNC Logistics LLC provides direct deposit of the Owner-Operator settlement into a designated Bank (times to hit your account are different for each financial institution) every Friday

RNC Logistics LLC emails settlement reports to Owner-Operators on Friday afternoon

RNC Logistics LLC will provide, if necessary, a trailer at Owner-Operator’s expense *Based on availability